About Us

Bennett Business Services has been founded to provide its clients with a solution to the overwhelming task of running growing businesses. It is easy to be over burdened with the day to day operations of your businesses and not being able to concentrate on the work which actually provides you revenue.

We are here to ensure that you have the time as well as a clear picture of your business. Let us help you in running your business without being overrun with additional staff, management tasks, or equipment headaches.

Throughout the process of working with you and your business we strive to make your day to day operations as efficient as possible.


Strong & Ethical Business Relationships

Bennett Business  develops long term relationships with its clients built on an ethical and moral basis. Thus, we work with you to develop a strong an mutually productive connection.

To achieve this we guarantee:

  • Integrity in our dealings with you.
  • Confidentiality with respect to your information.
  • The quality of our work.


Along with a successful career as an educator in Economics and Law, Gary Bennett has provided professional services as a financial consultant for both individuals and corporations.

With over 15 years of office administration and database management, Candace can get you organized and back on track so you can do what matters the most to you – run your business and make those sales.