Business Plans

Professional Business PlanThe Bennett Business Plan

  • Does your company have a clear corporate vision?
  • Does corporate policy match your corporate goals?
  • Does your corporate structure help your bottom line?
  • Does your company have adequate funding to meet its future?

Business plans can be extremely useful tools in ensuring the success of your business whether you are a new venture or an established business.

The business plan is a researched and written statement of where the business would like to go and a detailed set of strategies of how to get there. By committing business ideas to paper, management’s overall success rate in operating the business will improve.

A Bennett Business Plan will:

  • articulate your business goals;
  • help you to achieve to achieve those goals;
  • ensure that have chosen the correct corporate structure;
  • enable management to formulate corporate policy that will reflect your business goals in the plan;
  • help management assess the successful implementation of those policies in moving the company towards its objectives;
  • encourage realism instead of unrealistic optimism;
  • focus management efforts on priority concerns;
  • result in a more effective way of allocating resources;
  • make the delegation of tasks and responsibility more rational;
  • help management focus on corporate operations that deviate from the business plan and corporate policy;
  • assist management in looking forward and to anticipate future needs, potential problems, and opportunities;
  • help management to recognize the absolute and comparative advantages that it has over the competition;
  • form the basis for any private and public placement offering to raise capital;
  • will provide the needed documentation desired by lending institutions.

A Bennett Business Plan Outline:

A Bennett Financial business plan comprises the standard set of components that will be easily recognized and appreciated by management, investors and lenders.  It also includes specific descriptions and strategies that are particular to your business.   The Bennett Business plan includes:

  • The Executive Summary:
  • Company Summary:
  • Products and Services:
  • Market Analysis Summary:
  • Strategy and Implementation Summary:
  • Web Plan Summary:
  • Management Summary:
  • Financial Plan:
  • Appendices and Indexes;
  • Reviewing and Updating.

Help ensure your company’s success by implementing a Bennett Business Plan.