Email Marketing

Email marketing is the sending your company’s message directly to current and potential customers and clients using email.  It usually involves sending newsletters and advertisements to acquire new business.  The goal is to expand brand awareness, increase sales, and to build loyalty on the way to increasing your Targeted Email Marketingprofits.

The Bennett Business email marketing program gives your business access to powerful and sophisticated software and our expertise to:

  1. design effective newsletters;
  2. build comprehensive customer databases of targeted lists of recipients who will your message.

The 10 critical reasons why your company should use the Bennett Business email marketing strategy increase your profits:

  1. it is the most cost effective online marketing strategy; it is significantly cheaper than direct mail;
  2. you can get your message out immediately thus allowing you to adjust to production, inventory, and market circumstances;
  3. it saves your staff the time of the necessary design work and the printing, addressing and mailing of regular mail;
  4. your staff does not have to develop the expertise necessary to engage in an email marketing program;
  5. your company does not have to purchase the software or graphics necessary for such a campaign.
  6. our newsletter design capability will be customized to suit your marketing goals;
  7. our direct email strategy with our timing strategies produce higher response rates than standard email;
  8. our data base development of your contacts will help you develop new and repeat business
  9. it is much faster than traditional mail;
  10. we can statistically track its effect for you;